Alexandra HR

Alexandra R

CUPE 2278 Member

I first got involved in my union as a representative for my department. While I was growing up my mom was always involved in her union and this instilled in me an early understanding that unions are essential for ensuring workers’ rights in the workplace.

So I jumped at the chance to get involved in my own union when I came to UBC. I really liked the opportunities that being a rep afforded me – I got to learn more about our collective agreement, assist other students with issues that arose in the course of their TAships, and even attended the CUPE provincial convention.

Based on this positive experience I joined the union executive, which has been really great. My favourite part about being on the executive has been leading TA union orientations for new students, where they learn about the rights and responsibilities they have in the workplace.

Max M

Max M
Max M

CUPE 4163 Member

I’ve been a TA since September 2015 and I like it a lot. I enjoy learning about courses that I may not have taken at university when I was doing my undergrad. While I’m marking it’s interesting to see what other people say about various topics.

For me, belonging to a union means being protected at work from things the employer may do that I did not necessarily even know were wrong. I haven’t been in the workforce that long, so it’s just nice to know that there is a union there to protect me if I am being mistreated.

If you aren’t active in a union, I’d just say, “Yes, join the union, and be a part of it” – because you’re not only looking out for your own interests, you’re looking out for everybody who comes after you.