How do I join?

Sign a card

In order for a vote to be held to see if workers want a union, a majority of workers must sign membership cards to confirm their interest in wanting a vote. The Labour Relations Board conducts this vote and ensures that all employees have the right to vote.

The membership card you sign is confidential. It goes to the CUPE Organizing Department. THE EMPLOYER WILL NOT KNOW THAT YOU HAVE SIGNED A CARD!


Can I lose my job for supporting the union?

No.  An employer cannot dismiss or discipline an employee for supporting a union’s efforts to organize the workplace.  In fact, if the employer attempts to discipline the employee the union can file an unfair labour practice complaint at the LRB on the employees’ behalf.


How is my privacy protected?

Confidentiality – The Labour Code and the Board protect confidentiality about workers that sign a membership card.  The employer will never know who signed a card and the employer has no right to ask who signed a card.

Protections for employees in an organizing campaign – The Labour Code has protections for employees in an organizing campaign, details can be found at the Labour Relations Board Website (, specifically under Section 6.3.a & b and 32 of the code.