Why join CUPE?

Would CUPE make a difference in your workplace? You bet!

  • Joining a union provides you and your co-workers with a collective voice and community.
  • Joining a union also means that you will have someone there to represent you if you have issues or are called in to meet with the employer.
  • Belonging to a union provides fair and equitable treatment for all employees.


In a non-union workplace:

The employer makes all the rules, sets all the wage rates, and makes all the decisions on things like discipline, promotions, and hours of work.


In a union workplace:

The union bargains with the employer for a contract, and then makes sure that the contract is carried out. Your Collective Agreement is a contract. Contracts are legal documents between you and your employer that spell out wages, benefits, and rules of employment.


Benefits of a Collective Agreement

A Collective Agreement sets out your rates of pay, benefits and working conditions. It ensures that everyone receives the same treatment by the employer and if not, it provides a process (the grievance process) to correct the problems.  When you join a union everyone knows what the process is for dealing with most workplace matters because it is set out in the collective agreement.


CUPE support for Locals

CUPE has specialists in Health and Safety, Equality & Pay Equity. With CUPE you will also have access to Communications, Education, Research and Legal Representatives.  Your CUPE National Representative and these specialists help ensure that you and your co-workers have all the tools required to negotiate a strong Collective Agreement.  In addition, you and your co-workers will have access to training on things like Health and Safety, How Your Union Works and many other work-related topics.


Why are union dues necessary?

Unions are formed when the majority of workers in a workplace vote to unionize. All members of the union benefit from the wages and benefits negotiated in their collective agreement, the professional representation provided by the union, and other benefits of membership. These activities are funded by the payment of union dues.


What will union dues cost me?

With all of this you might think that belonging to CUPE would be costly but that is not the case. The dues rate for CUPE 3799 is 1.65% of your regular gross earnings and is deducted from each pay.  This means that if you earn $1000.00 in a two week period your dues would be $16.50.  Also, union dues are tax deductible!